Everything About Icelandic Sheep: Where and How to See Them?

November 17, 2023 Things To Do

There are more sheep than humans in Iceland. Although counts vary, there are between 500,000 and 800,000 sheep in the country at any given time, depending on both the season and year. Even at their lowest numbers, Icelandic sheep outnumber humans almost 2 to 1! Like the Icelandic horse, this unique Icelandic breed is cherished […]

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Iceland With Kids: Things To Do and Where To Go

October 13, 2023 Things To Do

Traveling Iceland with kids is an unforgettable experience full of magical moments like horseback riding on black sand beaches, spotting puffins along the coast, and splashing around in the Blue Lagoon. Iceland is an inherently family-friendly travel destination with tons of activities that are suitable for both young children right up to teenagers. Icelanders famously […]

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Forest Lagoon Iceland: Iceland’s Newest Hot Spring Spa

September 29, 2023 Things To Do

You might be familiar with the famous Blue Lagoon, but have you ever heard of Iceland’s Forest Lagoon? As one of Iceland’s newest natural geothermal spa, Forest Lagoon is cementing the Land of Fire and Ices reputation as having some of the most unique spas in the world. Tucked away on Eyjafjörður, one of Iceland’s […]

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7 Best Free Things to Do in Iceland: how to travel cheap

June 23, 2023 Things To Do

Iceland is a notoriously expensive country to visit, but what many travelers don’t realize is that there’s a virtually endless array of free activities to take part in and you can save money while touring in the city.

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5 Tips For a Cheap Iceland Solo Travel Trip by a Car

June 5, 2023 Things To Do

Iceland is one of the dream travel destination on many’s bucket list, and an awe inspiring, enchanting place that doesn’t lose its magical potency if you’re on your own. From vast, sweeping panoramas to deserted beaches and craggy fjords, Iceland lends an aura that is perfect for going it solo. In fact, its safe atmosphere, […]

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Hiking in Iceland: A guide to the best canyon trails

February 7, 2023 Things To Do

When it comes to canyons, Iceland punches above its weight. These beautiful steep-sided valleys entice visitors away from the road and into the countryside – and with good reason. Often remote and unspoilt, sometimes fragile and always breathtaking, they lead to interesting rock formations and hidden waterfalls. While many of Iceland’s canyons are deserving highlights […]

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Top 8 free hot springs in Iceland and where to see them

June 2, 2022 Things To Do

Iceland’s well known for its geothermal baths and hot springs. You’ll probably be familiar with its luxurious spas – such as the Blue Lagoon, Sky Lagoon, GeoSea and Mývatn Nature Baths. But these don’t come cheap, and in any case, sometimes if you’re keen to go for a dip, you’ll be in the mood for […]

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When is the best time to drive the Icelandic Ring road?

May 31, 2022 Things To Do

For many visitors to Iceland, driving the country’s famous ring road is a bucket list item. Route 1, as it’s officially known, loops the island and along the way passes some of Iceland’s most striking sights. To do it justice, you’ll need at least ten days; many tourists spend a couple of weeks. Regardless, it […]

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Easter in Iceland

March 26, 2019 Things To Do

Easter is a religious celebration followed in many different ways depending on where in the world you look. In Iceland, many of Iceland’s religious followers belong to the Lutherian Church of Iceland and celebrate Easter as a national holiday. During Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and Monday you can expect many establishments to […]

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Walking on water in Iceland

March 26, 2019 Things To Do

Paddle boarding has become a newly popular hobby to many, and easily available to do almost anywhere in the world, although when imagining the locations to do this, somewhere warmer like Hawaii during a glowing sunset may spring to mind first. In Iceland, there are many calm bodies of water that make for good locations […]

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