Keflavík International Airport (KEF)

235 Keflavíkurflugvöllur, Keflavíkurflugvöllur, IS

Reykjavík City

Flugvallarvegur 5, 101 Reykjavík, Reykjavík, IS

Firefly has two rental stations in Iceland, at Iceland Keflavik International Airport (KEF) and Reykjavik city downtown (RVK).

Option 1: Keflavík International Airport (KEF) – Your Gateway to Iceland

  • Address: 235 Keflavíkurflugvöllur, Keflavíkurflugvöllur, IS
  • Why It’s Great: Picking up your rental car right at Iceland’s largest airport means you’ll waste no time starting your adventure. Whether you’re landing in the land of fire and ice for a short getaway or an extended exploration, our airport location is open 24/7, ensuring a smooth and easy start to your trip.
  • Extra Tip: Once you’ve got your wheels, don’t miss the chance to explore the nearby Reykjanes Peninsula, famous for its lunar landscapes and the iconic Blue Lagoon!

Option 2: Reykjavík City Downtown (RVK) – Dive into the Heart of Iceland

  • Address: Flugvallarvegur 5, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Operational Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 15:00, Sat-Sun: 09:00 – 14:00
  • Why It’s Great: Located in the vibrant capital city of Reykjavík, this spot is perfect for travelers who start their journey from the city. Whether you’re here for the bustling city life, the arts, or the unique Icelandic culture, our downtown location is a stone’s throw from the action. Plus, it’s super convenient for those staying in the city!
  • Extra Tip: Reykjavík is a treasure trove of attractions! Be sure to check out the Hallgrímskirkja church, the Sun Voyager sculpture, and the many museums before you hit the road.

Why Choose Firefly Car Rental in Iceland?

  • Budget-Friendly Options: Ideal for cost-conscious travelers, offering a range of vehicles to suit your travel needs without breaking the bank.
  • Convenient Pick-Up & Drop-Off: Two strategic locations make it a breeze to get your rental car, whether you’re flying in or already soaking up the city vibes.
  • Explore at Your Own Pace: With a rental car, Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes, from the Golden Circle to the rugged coastlines, are yours to discover on your terms.

Ready to Start Your Icelandic Adventure with Firefly?

Head over to our website or contact us to book your car and get ready to explore Iceland’s stunning scenery and vibrant culture. With Firefly Car Rental, your Icelandic journey promises to be as affordable as it is unforgettable!

Keflavík International Airport (KEF)

Keflavík International Airport (KEF)

235 Keflavíkurflugvöllur, Keflavíkurflugvöllur,

Mon-Sun: 24/7

Reykjavík City

Reykjavík City

Flugvallarvegur 5, 101 Reykjavík, Reykjavík,

Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 17:00
Sat-Sun: 08:00 - 15:00