Bílaleiga Flugleiða ehf. Id. 471299-2439 is the Iceland franchisee for Firefly Car Rental. Firefly Car Rental is owned by Hertz International. Here in after referred to as Firefly.

The data protection and security of Firefly staff and employees are of major importance. Firefly has been adapting to the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and privacy policy from September 2017. The policy defines how and for what purpose personal data is collected and how that data is processed.

The privacy policy is governed by the privacy and personal data processing policy # 77/2000 in Iceland as they are at any given time. Firefly collects information about employees, customers, and suppliers which the company is required to keep in accordance with the above laws and regulations.

We collect customer information, names, ID number, home address, postal address, driver’s license, passport, bank details and encrypted credit card numbers. All of this is the information we need to operate and deliver our service to our customers.

Information will be collected automatically when you visit our website as well as information on using the website. This information is collected using browser cookies.

When we share personal information, we will always request customer approval before and we will never sell your personal information. In some cases, we are required by law to provide personal information.

Personal information will be provided to third parties or so-called processors who may be our agent, developer or service provider.
In case of a security breach of personal information, we will report it immediately.

All inquiries regarding the handling of personal information and privacy policy can be sent to this email address: privacy@firefly.is