Before we delve into the lively streets of Reykjavik’s nightlife, it’s crucial to advocate for a responsible approach to partying. Once you’ve parked your car at the hotel, the best way to experience the city’s night scene is on foot.

This blog emphasizes the importance of NO drink-driving at all costs, promoting a walking exploration of Reykjavik’s nightlife.

Dive Into Reykjavik’s Nightlife Scene

Does Reykjavik (the capital of Iceland) have a thriving nightlife? Absolutely! The charm of Reykjavik’s nightlife lies in its compact yet vibrant scene. Most bars and clubs, cocktail bars, and dance clubs are nestled close together, mainly around the bustling Laugavegur Street, making it perfect for an impromptu pub crawl.

Here, venues seamlessly blend the lines between cafes, bars, and clubs, creating intimate settings that rarely see queues, either at the door or the bar.

enjoy the view of Esja mountain at the sea of reykjavik

The Magic of Laugavegur Street

Laugavegur Street is not just Reykjavik’s main shopping street; it’s the lifeline of the city’s nightlife. Transitioning into Bankastraeti and then Austurstraeti, this strip is packed with the best bars and clubs Reykjavik has to offer. From the iconic Lebowski Bar, celebrating the cult classic movie ‘The Big Lebowski’ in a setting reminiscent of a cozy biscuit factory, to the inclusive and vibrant Kiki Queer Bar, there’s a spot for every taste and preference.

No Cover Charges: A Night to Remember

What sets Reykjavik apart is the absence of cover charges for most bars, allowing you to hop from one venue to another, experiencing the diversity of the city’s nightlife scene. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away on a dance floor pulsating with hip hop beats or relax in a dive bar, the city’s nightlife caters to all.

the Laugavegur Street of Iceland Capital, reykjavik

Dress Code: Dress to Impress or Come as You Are?

Reykjavik’s nightlife is as diverse as the countries in the world, and so is its dress code. While most places welcome casual attire, a few upscale cocktail bars and dance clubs might prefer a slightly more polished look. It’s all about striking a balance between comfort and style.

When to visit? the Timings

As for the timings, the party usually kicks off late, with most bars filling up between midnight and 2 a.m., especially on weekends, offering a chance to dance the night away.

Happy Hours and Pre-Partying: The Icelandic Way

To make the most of the night without denting your wallet, keep an eye out for happy hours. Reykjavik’s bars are famous for their generous deals, making it easier to enjoy the city’s expensive nightlife. Locals often start their nights with a pre-party at home, a practice known as “forspiel,” to save on costs before hitting the town. For tourists, joining a guided pub crawl can offer a similar experience, leading you through the best spots for a memorable party in Iceland.

pre party in Iceland

Safety in the Streets: A Friendly and Secure Environment

Iceland takes pride in being one of the safest countries, and its capital city is no exception. The friendly atmosphere of Reykjavik, coupled with its low crime rate, makes it the perfect place for a night out. Even so, the presence of alcohol means it’s wise to keep your wits about you, but rest assured that any disturbances are swiftly handled by the local police.

Key Spots and Happy Hours

Some places that you can consider to have a small drink with your friends and family when you’re all ON FOOT browsing around Reykjavik

Kex Hostel serves as a prime example of Reykjavik’s welcoming spirit. Not just a place to stay, it’s a vibrant meeting point for travelers and locals alike, often hosting events that give a perfect sneak peek into the nightlife culture. Coupled with the hostel’s comfort, the city’s happy hours provide a savvy way to enjoy the diverse selection of bars and clubs without stretching your budget.

The Heartbeat of Reykjavik: Diverse Venues

From the inclusivity of Kiki Queer Bar to the themed ambiance of Lebowski Bar, inspired by the movie ‘The Big Lebowski’ and resembling a cozy biscuit factory, there’s a venue for every mood and preference. The city’s nightlife, known for its hip hop beats, eclectic dance floors, and laid-back dive bars, reflects the vibrant culture and party in Reykjavik spirit.

where to visit at night reyjavik

After the Party: Winding Down or Keeping the Party Going

As the bars and clubs wind down, you might find yourself not quite ready to call it a night. While official after-parties are rare, the connections you make during the evening might lead to impromptu gatherings, continuing the celebration in true Icelandic fashion. Alternatively, the city offers plenty of late-night dining options for those looking to refuel after a night of dancing and revelry.

Your Ultimate Night Out in Reykjavik

With its combination of safety, diversity, and vibrancy, Reykjavik offers an unparalleled nightlife experience. From the laid-back atmosphere of Kex Hostel to the energetic dance floors of the city’s best clubs, there’s something for everyone in Iceland’s capital. So, leave the car behind, embrace the spirit of adventure, and dive into the unforgettable nightlife of Reykjavik.

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