Easter in Iceland

March 26, 2019 Blog Things To Do

Easter is a religious celebration followed in many different ways depending on where in the world you look. In Iceland, many of Iceland’s religious followers belong to the Lutherian Church of Iceland and celebrate Easter as a national holiday. During Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and Monday you can expect many establishments to […]

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Walking on water in Iceland

March 26, 2019 Things To Do

Paddle boarding has become a newly popular hobby to many, and easily available to do almost anywhere in the world, although when imagining the locations to do this, somewhere warmer like Hawaii during a glowing sunset may spring to mind first. In Iceland, there are many calm bodies of water that make for good locations […]

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Iceland’s (agri)cultural highlights

March 12, 2019 Places To Go Things To Do

When travelling in Iceland, farms might not be top of your list of places to visit—but there’s actually a lot of fun to be had, and delicious flavours to experience! Here are just four you might like to check out. In West Iceland, near Búðardalur, you will find the Erpsstaðir dairy farm which makes some […]

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How is the fishing in Iceland?

March 8, 2019 Safety Tips Things To Do

The endless fjords, rivers and lakes make Iceland a prime location for fishing. Icelanders take a lot of pride in their fish and have so many more uses for fish than recreational catching – as their biggest export, access to their fish is a big factor as to why Iceland did not join the European […]

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The deep waters of Iceland and how to see them

February 17, 2019 Things To Do

In our previous blog we wrote about the Silfra Rift which is a great spot to go snorkelling in crystal clear water between tectonic plates, but this is also a common place to go scuba diving too. In this blog we will point out some places and tours that are great fun to scuba dive – […]

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Snorkelling in Iceland

February 17, 2019 Things To Do

When on holiday you are likely to look up the popular activities to enjoy in the area that you are staying and, depending on the climate, weather etc, some activities may not come to mind but your search results may surprise you. In hot, beachy areas like Miami or the Gold Coast you will find […]

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Who wants to go on a sled ride?

January 28, 2019 Places To Go Things To Do

Iceland holds true to its name – the land of ice. With snow comes its trials and tribulations: transport can be more difficult than in hotter countries but like any country that is used to these cold conditions, there are ways around it, and some of these methods are really memorable and fun. Aside from […]

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What is Valentine’s day like in Iceland?

January 21, 2019 Things To Do

Iceland keeps many of its own traditions when it comes to public celebrations and many of the typically known events such as Valentine’s day and Halloween are becoming slowly more popular in Iceland in recent years. You may be planning a romantic break away with your partner and Iceland is a fantastic choice with many […]

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Keflavík is more than just an airport!

January 2, 2019 Places To Go Things To Do

When you arrive in Iceland at Keflavík International Airport, you are at the western tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula. Reykjavík is to the east, where the peninsula meets the rest of the country, and most visitors pay the 40-or-so minute drive in between little heed—but that is a mistake. One may not realize that there […]

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Famous and unusual museums of Iceland

December 17, 2018 Places To Go Things To Do

Iceland is a country that does not take itself too seriously. This can be seen in some of the country’s museums which can have some obscure and irregular topics behind them. The most famous museum for this list is the Icelandic Phallaological Museum in Reykjavik. Although this museum may get a few giggles, the museum […]

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