Be careful where you step – the elves are watching!

November 5, 2018 Places To Go

Iceland’s rugged landscape is home to a variety of different things but there is more to the land than just rocks – some believe these are the homes and churches of Huldufólk (also known as the hidden people or elves) who have beautiful protected areas for you to visit but you cannot disturb them without […] full post

Hitchhiker’s guide to hiking safely in Iceland

November 5, 2018 Safety Tips

Iceland is a wonderland of areas to hike on but as with any terrain your safety is key, the country is prone to all kinds of weather and as such can provide different hazards that even the most experienced hikers may not be familiar with. Below are a few basic tips to consider when hiking […] full post

Trolls in the Land of Fire and Ice

October 23, 2018 Places To Go

Icelanders were big fans of storytelling around fires in the long dark nights after settlement, the famous Icelandic sagas make many references to mythical creatures still talked about today, and also some creative theatrical performances. These creatures sure have left their impact on the country, everywhere you look there will be a link to one […] full post

Eating like an Icelander – The quirky cuisines part 1

October 16, 2018 Things To Do

Every country in the world has their own styles and specialties when it comes to cooking and ingredients, some are well-known and considered normal such as pizzas, salads and curry – Iceland is no exception to having their own famous dishes, however, some are much, well, quirkier. The most famous product to come from Iceland […] full post

Safety Tips

October 8, 2018 Safety Tips

Special Notice Many rural roads in Iceland are gravel roads and not suited to fast driving. Please drive carefully and show other road-users consideration at all times. When you meet another car, slow down, and pull safely to the side of the road The general speed limit is 50 km/h in urban areas, 8o km/h on gravel roads in […] full post

Travel Tips

October 8, 2018 Safety Tips

Below are very important travel tips Sightseeing while driving is one of the main causes of rollovers and other accidents – please stop the vehicle when viewing our beautiful country. Great care must be taken when leaving asphalt roads and driving on to gravel roads. The different surfaces can make the vehicle slide, please slow down! Blind […] full post

What to wear in wintery Iceland

October 8, 2018 Safety Tips

Not many people would argue if you said Iceland isn’t the hottest country in the world. Being very close to the Arctic circle may provide the perk of the northern lights, but the cost is the bitterly cold winds and regular rain and snow. If you want to keep warm and want to dress like […] full post

The Viking Village for the ages

October 1, 2018 Places To Go

Have you ever woken up one day and wanted to visit an uninhabited Viking village? In Iceland we have that! The first question you may ask is ´Why is there an uninhabited Viking village hidden away in Iceland?’ Well, good question! In 2010 an old Viking village was created for a film which was delayed […] full post

It’s not as bad as it steams! Geysers to visit in Iceland

October 1, 2018 Places To Go

Iceland is home to many natural phenomena that have become popular tourist attractions, hot pots, volcanos and rare wildlife but have you ever seen boiling water violently bursting out of holes in the ground? Iceland can tick that off your bucket list for you, hosting around 30 geysers of all shapes and sizes. Strokkur beginning […] full post

How to Catch a glimpse the northern lights

October 5, 2017 Things To Do

Iceland is a popular destination to visit in the hope of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis in scientific terms. There is never any guarantee to see them on your trip, but here are a few tips to try to improve your chances. When are you coming? The Northern Lights are […] full post