Not many people would argue if you said Iceland isn’t the hottest country in the world. Being very close to the Arctic circle may provide the perk of the northern lights, but the cost is the bitterly cold winds and regular rain and snow. If you want to keep warm and want to dress like a local, then you can find these simple items during your stay.

The best-known item of clothing from Iceland is the lopapeysa. This is a woollen jumper that traditionally has Yoke designs around the shoulders. The wool it is made from is abundant in Iceland – so there are plenty of lopapeysas flying off the shelves wherever you go. Perfect for a casual evening sat in front of the fire.


Following the theme of wool, you can also find Ullarsokkar. These are basically woollen socks that keep your feet warm whilst hiking in the mountains and fjords and keep your feet nice and snug under your hiking boots.

Icelandic weather can be gruelling. The wind in the winter months is especially sharp, and then there’s the rain and snow! So you will definitely need something more than a nice woolly jumper: having a thick waterproof coat is essential.

This suggestion is probably the cutest, yet practical, thing you could find to dress your children in – the pollagalli. For children, this is basically a raincoat onesie, perfect for jumping in puddles (and is also really fun to say: pot-la-gal-lee). For adults, the regngalli, is a raincoat with waterproof trousers similar to waders used by river fishermen…or for jumping in puddles, too. This item is perfect to keep your entire body warm, the design especially helps to keep the core covered so you can move around without having cold air blowing into your back and stomach.


All of these items will help you and your family stay warm during your stay in Iceland, as well as providing you with a traditional keepsake to always remember us by.