The Icelandic people are very aware of the environment; they feel very strongly about preserving their beautiful landscapes, as well as utilizing green energy as much as possible. Their water systems carry the geothermally-heated water which heats 90% of Iceland’s homes—and also heats some pavements and footpaths to reduce the amount of snow and ice forming on the ground in bad weather.

Give back to nature

The naturally-heated water has also been used for pleasure, too: places like the Blue Lagoon are geothermal spas that are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating your skin all in one. The volcanic geothermal energy can also create some surprising points of interests, such as geysers.

When taking a holiday, the flights to the destination often contribute around 50% of a person’s yearly carbon footprint, and in a place like Iceland, one would also be using a rental car that adds to the carbon emissions and landscape degradation.

With the world becoming more and more aware of climate change, it is important to consider the question ‘What can I do to help?’

Give back to nature 2

Responsible is a local charity that focuses on planting trees in Iceland in particular, but there are similar charities in other countries around the world. Through small donations, one can offset the carbon footprint of their holiday and contribute towards the preservation of their chosen destination’s landscapes, which gives you the joy and peace of mind of knowing you are contributing to your world without affecting your choice of holiday.

Carbon offsetting is an imprecise science and should not be used as an excuse to pollute as much as we like, but carbon offset funding is used for many projects like wetland reclamation, halting erosion, and reforestation that are good not only for the atmosphere, but also for wildlife, the landscape, and ultimately for us all.