Special Notice

1gravel-road-ahead-sign-iceland Many rural roads in Iceland are gravel roads and not suited to fast driving. Please drive carefully and show other road-users consideration at all times. When you meet another car, slow down, and pull safely to the side of the road
max-speed-iceland_orig The general speed limit is 50 km/h in urban areas, 8o km/h on gravel roads in rural areas and 90 km/h on hard-surfaced roads. Please note: Special warning signs indicate danger ahead, such as sharp bends and there is generally a separate sign to indicate the recommended speed.
 highland-car2_1_orig Highland roads are for special cars. They are not meant for ordinary passenger vehicles. Insurance is limited on these roads.
 utanvegaakstur-a-reykjanesi_orig Driving off marked roads is prohibited. It results in irreparable damage to the land and the plant cover which may remain visible for centuries. This can cause claims for compensation. Your insurance does not cover damages when driving off-road.
 blindhaed_orig Blind summits (blind hill/rise) are common in Iceland. They are marked with the sign (Blindhæð). Slow down and keep to the right as you will not see the approaching vehicle until very late.
 einbrei-br_1_orig There are many narrow one-lane bridges on the roads. They are marked with a sign. (Einbreið brú). Only one vehicle can cross at a time.
f-r-vegum_1_orig Tel 1777 for information on conditions of highland roads, they can be impassable. Strong winds can blow the car off the road. Be careful opening and closing doors in such high wind conditions. This is a common cause for damage to the cars. Caution is needed.
img-3068_1_orig Driving in snow or ice is difficult, drive slowly, no quick turns of the steering wheel and use brakes with care.
 narrow-road2_2_orig Pay attention to road signs. Icelandic roads are very narrow and their condition is often unpredictable. Please use caution while driving.
obruud_1_orig Unbridged rivers in the highlands can be dangerous. Never cross it alone, check it first. Insurance does not cover damages caused in this situation.
 animals_1_orig Animals are often on the road or near it. They can easily run across the road when your car approaches, please pay attention
 undir-hrifum_1_orig Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited by law.
belti2_1_orig Seat-belt use is obliged in all seats of the car by law. Please make sure all your passengers and driver have their seatbelt on.
 tired_1_orig Never drive tired. During summertime you can experience 24-hour sunlight, this confuses many people. We recommend not driving in too long hauls. Take breaks, enjoy nature and if you are really tired drive to a safe area, away from traffic, and take a 15-minute nap.
 vehicle-lights_1_orig Headlights are obliged 24 hours by law. Please make sure that your car has the main headlights on at all times.
 saap2_1_orig Driving in ash/sandstorm can be dangerous, it can be slippery and soft, please drive carefully. Damages to the vehicle caused by ash or sandstorm are not covered by insurance. It is important to check the weather forecast before you go on your trip.
In this video, Iceland Academy tutor and Duty Officer of Icelandic Search and Rescue Jónas Guðmundsson reveal key tips for safe driving in Iceland.